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16 Peppard Road
Reading RG4 8JZ
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Caversham Prep
An inspirational, small family led prep school nurturing boys and girls from ages 3 to 11 in the heart of Reading
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History of the School

We are one of the very few family-owned schools in the country and we have put our hard work, commitment, family life and reputation into running Caversham Prep as a family school, with safe, happy children and excellent results.

Caversham Prep pupils The school was opened in 1993 by Chiltern College as Chiltern College School; a local independent primary school and a natural progression for children leaving their Nursery. Before that Prudential had run a Nursery in Number 14 Peppard Road, (now known as the Juniors). 

Ian and I began the buying process in autumn of 2007. We had to be vetted by the Secretary of State for Education as people who were fit and trustworthy to run a school. The sale finally went through on the 24th April 2009 and we were handed the keys. I took over immediately. We started with 36 children. 

There was so much to do and I lived in school for a year, going home to Essex at the weekends. Caroline (our daughter) travelled from London every day for the next two years to teach the Reception Class. Steph Manson and Kate Foster stayed with us. Andrea Hutchison (nee Haines) and Kully Gill, who trained for their PGCE with Caroline, joined us – and are still with us. Ian left Qinetiq PLC to become the full-time Bursar. In September 2010 Ian and I moved to Reading permanently. Our son, Andrew took over the payroll and then the accounts.

What our children say.

Sophie - "It’s a lovely school. We are very happy here. There’s always lots to do – and we are very academic." 

When asked by the ISI Lead Inspector, “If you were the Head Teacher for a day and allowed to do anything you liked, what would you change about this school.
After some thought, Harriet replied, “I wouldn’t change anything. This is a perfect school.”

When taking visiting parents into the Year 4 classroom yesterday, I explained to the children that the child may be joining them and asked if the children could tell her a little bit about the school. Sasha said:

"We are very competitive. We play against other schools and we have sports challenges. We have three houses."

Ian continues to protect the financial integrity of the school and we have a stable and happy staff - and it would appear – happy children. 

Jacqueline Lawson

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