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The Infants (Key Stage 1) begin when children have completed their Reception Year. Children enter Year 1 at the age of 5 and leave Year 2 the end of Key Stage 1, when reaching the age of 7.

Throughout Key Stage 1 the children follow National guidelines and expectations as a minimum.

From Year 1, the high standards of pupils’ achievement are continued in their academic and wider activities. - ISI Report

Core Skills

Our aim is to develop the core skills of Reading, Writing and Mathematics to the highest standard. This is done by strong planning, teaching and assessment. English and Mathematics are taught every morning when the children are most alert and receptive. These subjects are taught to all classes at the same time in each classroom so that children who may benefit from joining a different class for some of their learning and may do so easily. This allows us to develop all children's learning to suit their individual needs.

Pupils demonstrate a wide range of knowledge and can express their thoughts with clarity, being prepared also to extend their understanding by listening well to their teacher and to their peers. - ISI Report


In the afternoons we continue to provide a varied and flexible learning environment, with an emphasis on active and engaging learning. The children learn thematically where possible. Lessons across the curriculum are linked to well-planned and stimulating topics that are changed each half term. 

Care is taken to integrate subjects where relevant so that links between themes are clear to pupils. The inclusion of appropriate outings or visitors to the school as part of the planning for a particular topic is a strength, extending the pupils’ breadth of understanding well. - ISI Report 


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