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16 Peppard Road
Reading RG4 8JZ
Get directions T: 0118 947 8684
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Caversham Prep
An inspirational, small family led prep school nurturing boys and girls from ages 3 to 11 in the heart of Reading
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The school day at Caversham Prep offers children a range of activities and routine. 

The School Day
8.00-8.50    Before School Care
8.40School Gates open
8.45Wednesday Morning Wake Up Shake Up
8.50Bell rings and line up
9.00-9.15English or maths activities or phonics
9.15-10.15English for Reception and Maths Years 1-6
10.15Assembly (Monday and Thursday, mornings,  2.45 on Fridays
10.50Bell rings and line up
10.55-11.55Maths for Reception, English Years 1-6
12.001st lunch (Infants), Junior playtime
12.302nd lunch (Juniors), Infant playtime
1.00Bell rings and line up
1.05-3.30Afternoon subjects (see below)
2.00Infant playtime
2.10Bell rings and line up
3.20Reception home time
3.25KS1 home time (Years 1 and 2)
3.30KS2 home time (Years 3-6)
3.30Register for clubs, prep and aftercare
3.35Snack given out
3.40After-school activities start
4.30Home time after clubs, After Care go to tea
5.00Return from tea
6.00Final pick-up

Caversham Prep pupils during the school dayThe core subjects of English and Mathematics are taught every morning. Science, ICT and Guided Reading, also core subjects are taught in the afternoon as well of the Foundation Subjects which are: Art, DT, French, Spanish, History, Geography, PSCHE, RE, Music, PE and Sport, Current Affairs and Handwriting.

There are three breaks in the school day for Reception to Year 2 and two for Years 3 to 6. The children have access to a variety of play equipment at break times to encourage them to play together sensibly and enjoy sharing. The morning break is at 10.30 a.m., immediately after assembly and it lasts for 20 minutes.

The Reception Class are looked after by their Buddies until they feel confident to play on their own. The afternoon break for the younger children is 10 minutes long and gives them time to get some fresh air and a run around. All children have 30 minutes play at lunchtime, if they are not involved in clubs. If it is wet they have supervised play in their classrooms to play board games, draw or read or get together to watch a DVD.

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