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Bursaries & Scholarships

We award scholarships to children who show ability and/or potential in one or more disciplines. Being awarded a scholarship is a recognition of this and is usually won through competition with other like-minded children.

We wish to support clever and talented children in terms of both a discount from fees and helping these children to develop their strengths to the best of their ability.

We offer scholarships in:

The value of the scholarship offered will be dependent on the ability and/or potential of the candidate. As scholarships are evidence based, they are awarded to Key Stage 2 children only (Years 3 - 6). All children will need to be at least age-related attainment levels in English and Mathematics. Please see the School’s Terms and Conditions for the criteria for fulfilling the terms and conditions of a scholarship. Below is a guide to the requirements in each discipline and the value of the award attached to it. The child will also need to spend a day in the school with his/her potential classmates.

Academic Scholarship (15%-50%)

The children will be given a number of papers that will be age appropriate and will test current attainment and possible future potential of the child. External candidates can bring with them anything that would support their scholarship status, for example, certificates gained or work to show.

The papers will consist of:

Music Scholarship (two instrumental music lessons paid for)

The children will be invited to play to one of our music staff to show present attainment and future potential. Please bring any instruments, sheet music and certificates gained. 

Art Scholarship (10% off fees and free art clubs)

Art Scholarship children will be invited to produce a piece of work to show present attainment and future potential. Please bring any portfolio pieces and certificates gained. 

Sport Scholarship (10% - 30% off fees and free sports clubs)

The children will have to show that they are keen on playing sports, that they play sports to a good level and are involved in sports both in and outside of school. 

Drama (5% off fees and LAMDA lessons paid for)

This is a chance for a child who has acting talent to show us what they can do. Please bring any portfolio pieces and certificates gained. 

Caversham Prep pupils outside the main school building


A Bursary is a means-tested award to a child whose parents wish to give them an independent education but may not be able to afford all of the school fees. Bursaries are offered by the Head Teacher after a conversation with the parents and the child spending a day with us. We must believe that the child (and their parents) will add value to the school and complement the ethos of the school.

If the Head Teacher recommends the child, the Bursar will then talk to the parents about their level of the annual fee contribution and consider whether the school can support the rest. Bursaries can be awarded to a child of any age.

In exceptional circumstances, up to 100% of the fees will be paid by the school. Please see the School’s Terms and Conditions for further information.

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