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Wraparound Care Wraparound Care Wraparound Care
16 Peppard Road
Reading RG4 8JZ
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Wraparound Care

At Caversham Preparatory School, we provide wraparound care to help busy parents and keep your children safe.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs from 8.00am until school starts at 8.50am. The children can have a breakfast of cereal and fruit before playing quietly on the carpet with Lego or at tables with board games, drawings or puzzles. They remain indoors until around 8.30am. They then go out to the playground (if dry) for supervised play until the bell rings at 8.50am and line up with the rest of the children. The children are supervised by a teacher or teaching assistant.

After School Care

After School Care runs from 3.30pm until 6.00pm. The children are registered into After School Care at 3.30pm and are offered a piece of fruit and a drink to keep them going until tea, after a long day. They may play indoors in the Reception Classroom or are taken out to play when the weather permits. As clubs finish at 4.30pm, some of the children may then join aftercare for the rest of the evening. A register is taken again at this point to register the children who have just joined from clubs. The children are taken to tea at 4.30pm.

Caversham Prep pupils playing during wraparound care

Tea is taken in the Dining Room from 4.30-5pm. Tea consists of, for example, filled rolls or beans and cheese (served with raw finger vegetables such as carrots and baby tomatoes) with fruit or yoghurt for pudding.

After Tea, the children return to play, either indoors in the winter or outdoors in the summer. There is a regular movie night every week in the winter terms. Parents begin to pick up from 5pm onwards and all of the children have gone home by 6pm.


Before and Aftercare is supervised by an After School Care Supervisor who has an NVQ3 in Childcare. Other care staff have suitable qualifications and more staff are employed when needed to keep within the ratio of 1:8. There is always a teacher ‘in charge’ to oversee the morning and afterschool care.

An activities programme gives the children a variety of activities to choose from that are suitable for the end of the school day. This is usually based around ‘quieter’ activities which allow the children to relax and ‘wind-down’ after a busy day at school. After School Carers may listen to reading and help with homework for KS1 children. KS2 children can join prep twice a week.

Caversham Prep pupil playing outside during wraparound care

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