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Few places left for Academic Year 2020/2021!

Pupil Achievement

                                               Caversham Prep pupils are high achievers.

Results in national tests at the age of seven are well above the national average, with results in mathematics being exceptional. At the age of 11, results in national tests have been exceptional. - ISI Inspection

Academic achievement is ‘excellent’ historically. 

40% of pupils have won scholarships over past 15 years (58 scholarships).  

Our Year 6 pupils have gone on to a range of Senior Schools to suit their needs. 27 Senior Schools (UK) and 2 abroad: including Grammar Schools, and top sets in Maintained Schools.  

This Year has been Caversham Prep’s most successful year ever!

We started in January 2023 with a Double Excellent and Compliant Independent School Inspection. The children told the inspectors “We choose kindness here.” They wanted to tell the inspectors about their school – and they did - in spades!

Then, Annam Bhatti won the ISA National Shakespeare Competition. There are 651 ISA schools. She went to Stratford to receive her prize.

Georgia Robinson came runner-up in the ISA National Prose Competition.

By the end of January our Year 6 results were all in and we had the news that we had been waiting for – everyone got into their first-choice schools.

  • Alec, Otto, and Annam won 4 Music Scholarships to three schools, unprecedented in one year group (Blue Coats, Leighton Park and Crosfields).
  • Leighton Park awarded their The Headmaster’s Award to Alec. (Our second time in the past three years).
  • Annam won an Academic and Music Scholarship combo to Crosfields School; another first since their expansion into secondary education.
  • Five candidates were offered places to Reading Blue Coat School, another first for one year group.
  • Three children were offered Five Grammar School places between them. Sanskriti accepted Kendrick.
  • Otto won a place at Magdalen College School; a new school to add to the 36 (now 37) schools that our children have been offered places to in the past fifteen years.

In March we won the Muddy Stilettoes National Pastoral Care Award.

Then came the Gold Artsmark Award, originally planned in 2020 (but covid got in the way).

The Leighton Park Bake-Off saw us lift the trophy this year.

Greg James invited our Year 4 children to sing the 10 to 10 challenge after their annual visit to the Henley Literary Festival - and now they are National Radio stars!

To finish the year – it's January 2024 again and our children have won 14 scholarships!

They have been offered places to: The Abbey School*; Abingdon School; Cranford House School; Crosfields School*; Kendrick Grammar School; Leighton Park School*; The Oratory School*; Pangbourne College; Reading Boys Grammar; Shiplake College*; Queen Anne’s School*; Reading Blue Coat School*. (*scholarship(s) awarded)


Key Stage 1, InCAS Summative Results 2022 

InCAS grading is <70, well below average; 70-85 below average; 85-115 average; 115-130 above average; and >130 well above average.

PupilDeveloped AbilityReading              Mental ArithmeticGeneral Maths

Annual Standardised End of Year Test Results for Year 1 to 6.  

InCAS grading is <70, well below average; 70-85 below average; 85-115 average; 115-130 above average; and >130 well above average.

End of Year Developed Ability Mathematics English Phonics 
2021-2022 122.11 123.28 120.30 100% (No National comparison results published)
2020-2021 121.75 122.89 118.46 100% (No National comparison results published) 
2019-2020 No test (Covid)     
2018-2019 115.27 118.24 115.79 100% (National 82%) 
2017-2018 117.47 121.49 116.25 100% (National 81%) 

Caversham Prep pupil learning in a classroom

Caversham Prep Success Stories - 2022 

LAMDA results, Summer 2022  

Caversham Prep Success Stories - 2021

Two Academic Scholarships 

Suhanna won 2 Academic Scholarships, one to the Abbey School and one Queen Anne’s School 2021. 

Full Academic Scholarship

Phoebe won a full Academic Scholarship to Queen Anne’s School, 2021.

Sports Scholarships

Sam won a Sports Scholarship and an Academic Exhibition to The Oratory School, 2021.

Finn won a Sports Scholarship to Queen Anne’s School, 2021.

Drama Scholarship

Isabella won a Drama Scholarship to Queen Anne’s School, 2021. 

Caversham Prep Success Stories - 2020 - even with lockdown!

Two Top Academic Scholarships

Daniel won the John Roysse Scholarship to Abingdon School and the Headmaster’s Scholarship to Leighton Park School, 2020.

Sports Scholarship

Chloe Kennedy won a Sports Scholarship to Queen Anne’s School, 2020. Chloe has been our Deputy Head Girl this year and has been sporty since she started school in Reception. 

Drama Scholarship

Evie won a Drama Scholarship to the Abbey School, 2020. She joins her sister Grace, also a Drama Scholar.

Caversham Prep Success Stories - 2019

Grade 6 Pianist at 10 years old

Alfred won a Music Scholarship with Grade 6 piano to Bluecoats School, 2019. 

Lawson Cup Winner

Alice Elkington was awarded with the Lawson Cup this year for being an empathetic friend and making the most of her time at Caversham Prep. We wish her well at Cranford House School. 

Dumbo - The Movie, 2019

Evie Gillespie (Year 5) acted in the new Disney Film with her sister Grace, who gained a Drama Scholarship to the Abbey School in 2018.

Caversham Prep Success Stories - 2018

Bumper Success for Our Year 6 Leavers

Our 13 leavers were offered places to:

The Abbey SchoolQueen Anne’s SchoolSt Joseph’s College
Cranford House SchoolHampton SchoolReading Blue Coats School
Oratory SchoolClaires Court SchoolYateley Manor School
British International School, DubaiLangtree School 

Sasha wins a Triple Scholarship!

Year on year we win scholarships to a range of Senior Schools but this year is a first. Sasha Bureau, our clever and talented Head Girl has won a triple scholarship to Queen Anne’s School for excellence in Academics, Sport and Drama. Our congratulations go to Sasha and we wish her all the very best in the next phase in her education. She joins her sister Holly, a Sports Scholar at Queen Anne’s School. 

Lawson Cup Winner

All of the children in Year 6 left with an award at Prize Giving this year in recognition of their hard work and success in various areas of the curriculum. The Lawson Cup was awarded this year to Sophie Morrison. Sophie had a personal tragedy in her final year, yet went on to win an Academic Scholarship to The Abbey School. We wish Sophie all our best wishes for the future for such a strong girl who also happens to be clever and ambitious too.  

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Grace Gillespie, who won a Drama Scholarship to The Abbey School this year, was chosen to play a part in this new Warner Bros. movie. We wish Grace well in her future acting career.

LAMDA Success

Three children in Year 2 were awarded 100% in their recent LAMDA Exam. Gaining one x 100% is unusual, but gaining three is something to be very proud of.

European Under 14 Chess Champion

Rajat Makkat is a European Chess Champion and we offered him a Scholarship to study at Caversham Prep. Rajat has been known to be a Chess prodigy from a young age and has won multiple titles at European level. He won the French National Under 9 Championship aged 6 years. All his international travel and chess training is funded by the French Chess Federation. Rajat is consistently ranked among the top 5 in the World for his age group.

2017 Success Stories

Scholarship Success One Year Early, 2017 – and Lawson Cup Winner!

Amadis Allum-Lauria (Ami), fluent in three languages and a brilliant actor blew us away at Prize Giving this year with her Shakespearean Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth. Ami joins her sister Mimi (Art Scholar 2015) to The Abbey School where she has been awarded a Drama Scholarship, aged only ten years old. Ami was our Lawson Cup winner at Prize Giving, this year.

Reading Boys – One Year Early

Stanley Seaton has been offered a place at Reading Boys’ Grammar School aged 10 years. A multi-talented boy who plays the piano and loves his sport is set to do very well at his new school. His older sister Harriet, who was our Head Girl 2014, is at Queen Anne’s School.

2016 Success Stories

Foundation Scholarship to Radley College

Andres Buencamino, Head Boy, awarded a Foundation Scholarship to Radley College. He was also offered three other scholarships. 

Two All-Round Scholarships to the Oratory School 

Both Oliver Rae and Andres Buencamino were awarded our first scholarships to the Oratory School.

2015 Success Stories

A* Mathematics GCSE aged 10 years old

Aabha Sharma has delighted us all with her Mathematics GCSE result. We expected her to do well, but as a 10 year old we were not quite sure if she would gain the highest result. This year we pushed for our GCSE candidates to sit the higher level paper as we knew that they were beyond the Foundation GCSE Examination criteria by the beginning of Year 6. 

Music Achievements

Music Achievements 2019

GuitarGrade 21 Merit
GuitarGrade 13 Merits
Guitar1 Prep Test 
PianoGrade 12 Merits
PianoGrade 12 Passes
Piano1 Prep Test 
ClarinetGrade 21 Pass
ClarinetGrade 11 Merit
Descant RecorderGrade 21 Pass
Descant RecorderGrade 11 Distinction and 1 Pass
VoiceGrade 21 Merit
VoiceGrade 11 Distinction
Voice2 x Prep Test 
FluteGrade 11 Distinction and 1 Pass
ViolinGrade 11 Merit
LAMDA Results

Lamda 2018 - 2019

Distinction 67%. Merit 33%. Pass 0%.

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