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Caversham Prep
An inspirational, small family led prep school nurturing boys and girls from ages 3 to 11 in the heart of Reading
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Personalised Learning is targeted learning where every child is treated as the individual that they are.

Personalised Learning is what we do well because we are a small family school with a very high staff:child ratio and we get to know our children very well. We know their strengths and weaknesses; their likes and dislikes and their personal stories. Our teachers can differentiate their teaching for all children at all levels. Any emotional or physical concerns can and will be taken into account. 

Staff have high expectations for their pupils. Staff know their children very well and this enables them to vary tasks and activities to suit individual needs. -ISI Report

Personalised Learning at Caversham Prep

Inspiring Individuals

Every child can be an inspiring individual. We inspire our individuals to be inspiring. We look for and develop each child’s potential; where happy children are learning children and grow in confidence because their voices are heard. We are committed to providing an environment that encourages all pupils to reach their potential as no two children learn in the same way, at the same pace, and to the same depth.  

Our children learn because they want to, and are taught well. Our results are outstanding because we track our children carefully so if a child begins to fall behind we inform their parents immediately and put individual learning plans in place. That is why our children gain their first choice places to Senior Schools, often winning scholarships. That is also why all our children make “excellent progress,” - ISI Data. 

The pupils’ personal development is excellent and they benefit from the high quality of pastoral care they receive - ISI Report

Personalised Learning at Caversham Prep

A Broad Education 

Enrichment is strong. Sport, art, music and drama are all encouraged and our children grow and develop as happy individuals. 

Tracking Progress

We track our children’s progress carefully and reading, writing, mathematics and science are tested regularly. We use CEM computerised assessment as summative assessment at the end of each year that adapts to the answers being given to mirror each child’s ability. The assessments evaluate performance, monitor progress and indicate potential in specific ways. As a result, we are able to provide individual children with personalised learning opportunities to enable them to achieve their best. 

On entry to the Reception class, each pupil’s abilities are assessed so that their progress can be monitored and individual learning plans put in place which set challenging targets for future development. - ISI Report


As a Preparatory School, we prepare children for each new stage in their learning.

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