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An inspirational, small family led prep school nurturing boys and girls from ages 3 to 11 in the heart of Reading
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Partnership with Parents

As a family school, working and communicating with our families is a very important factor in the education that we give your children. 

Parents feel very much a part of the school, which they describe in discussion as being like a large and extended family. - Independent Schools Inspectorate

Open Door Policy

Caversham Prep has an effective Open Door Policy. Parents can have access to the Head Teacher, Senior Management Team, Class Teacher, Teaching Assistants and the Proprietors whenever they want to. Meetings can be set up by Steph Manson at parents’ earliest convenience. 

Parents are encouraged to talk to their child’s teacher and to be as involved in school life as much as they wish. - Independent Schools Inspectorate

Informal Communication

We are always available to talk to you about your child. This may be a quick chat at the front door at the end of the school day, by email or a telephone call. Homework books are used to support the flow of information. We also communicate with parents via our weekly newsletters.

The frequent, relaxed opportunities to discuss any matters of concern with staff at all levels is a significant strength of the school. - Independent Schools Inspectorate

Parent Helpers

We encourage our parents to help with tasks. For example, helping to take children to the swimming pool, listening to children read, accompanying classes on trips or help with crafting or art projects.

Opportunities include helping to take children to the nearby swimming pool, hearing pupils read or accompanying the class on outings. Parents are also invited into school on appropriate occasions to talk about their profession or culture so that pupils are exposed to life in the wider community. -Independent Schools Inspectorate

parents meeting headteacher of Caversham Prep

Friends of Caversham Preparatory School (FoCPS)

We encourage our parents and teachers to become involved in the FoCPS to promote the school community and have fun working and socialising together. A class rep is voted in each year, to canvas support from the other parents in the class to support FoCPS events and be another conduit for communicating between school and parents. 

The formal parents’ association is active in arranging social events and has raised valuable funds for playground equipment and other resources. - Independent Schools Inspectorate

Parent Consultation Meetings

Parents expressed their appreciation of the open and welcoming atmosphere in the school. This is evident when pupils are greeted by name at the door by senior leaders and continues with staff being readily available to discuss any concerns either personally or by email. The outcome is that this is a relaxed and welcoming environment where pupils make excellent and sometimes exceptional progress. - Independent School Inspectorate


The Reception Parents are invited to a ‘Phonics and Starting Reading’ meeting in the first full week of term during that all-important settling in time for first timers.

Years 1-6

At the start of each academic year there is a class parent meeting to meet the new class teacher and hear about the year ahead. This is an opportunity to ask questions and find out how you can help your child to make progress.

Year 4 

‘The Way Forward’ meeting followed by individual parent meetings with the Head Teacher helps to begin planning for Senior School entry for Year 4.

Showing Mornings

Parents come to a ‘Showing Morning or Afternoon’ each term to see their children’s books (shown to them by their children) 

Parents Evenings

There are two formal Parents’ Evenings per year.

Information Evenings

We hold regular meetings to inform parents of curriculum initiatives. For example: a Mathematics Calculation Evening, Introducing Cursive Writing. Guided Reading.

Caversham Prep pupils showing parents what they have learnt in school

Written Reports

Settling In Reports

We have a ‘Settling In’ report for all new children at the end of their first half-term in school.

Written Reports

A Levels Progress report is sent home at the end of the Autumn and Spring Terms and a full written report is handed out on the last day of the Summer Term.

Early Years Foundation Stage Learning Journal

Reception Children have a contemporaneous ‘Learning Journal’ added to throughout the year. The children are assessed using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP). We use an iPad program called 2Simple to gather photographic data which is then linked to the EYFSPs. We email this data to parents at the end of the year. The summative results (end of year) are put into a data format and sent annually to Reading Authority for statistical purposes.

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