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National Guidelines define More Able and Talented (MAT) pupils as those pupils ‘who achieve, or have the ability to achieve, at a level significantly higher than the average for their year group.’ 

The following areas have been identified as being the main areas of ability:

  1. Intellectual (aspects of Literacy, Numeracy, Computing and Science)
  2. Artistic and Creative (Art, Design, Music, Drama and Dance)
  3. Practical (Design Technology, Mechanical Ingenuity, Information Technology)
  4. Physical (PE and Sports)

The most able pupils succeed because they receive work and activities well matched to their abilities and interests. Pupils showing exceptional ability in a particular subject are offered additional coaching by tutors brought into school to meet their specific needs. - ISI Report

At Caversham Prep we are committed to providing an environment that encourages all pupils to achieve their full potential and this clearly includes children who we believe are more able and talented. We challenge our more academically able children and place high expectations on them. We are members of NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) which supports schools with MAT children to develop and stretch and provide appropriated learning experiences for them. For example, if a child is ready for the KS3 curriculum, we will move them on.

The School SENDCo has a register of children who have been identified by us as MAT. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) may be prepared where appropriate, to stretch and challenge their learning. Records will document and reflect the accomplishments of the child and School Scholarship awards may be offered.

A substantial number of pupils have won academic scholarships to senior schools with high levels of entry; others have been awarded scholarships for art, music, performing arts and ICT. - ISI Report

We plan enrichment and extension opportunities or open-ended tasks to encourage greater independence in learning. We teach in varied styles to support all types of learning, employing effective, open-ended questioning. We will give differentiated homework and expect our children to rise to the challenges set for them.

Our Music and LAMDA Departments support our talented creative children, as do our sports coaches. We also encourage opportunities outside of school. For example, links with clubs coaching gymnastics, swimming, tennis and dance.

We expect our more able children to win scholarships to the Senior Schools of their choice and we work with them and their families to this end.

Many pupils excel in the standard they have reached in graded music examinations, speech and drama. Almost half of the pupils play a musical instrument and are given excellent opportunities to perform to the school and to the wider public. -ISI Report

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